Healthpointe 2.0

The Numbers

50% of the Malaysian are overweight.”- Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai

Approximately 90% of all dieters regain any weight lost within a year

Recent studies in the British Journal of Public Health (June 2001) found that obesity is associated with higher rates of chronic medical conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, arthristis, cancer, high blood pressure, than are lifetime smoking and alcohol abuse.

What we eat, how much we eat, how we exercise, how we handle stress, destructive habits like smoking and excessive drinking…all of these factors contribute greatly to how long we live and how well we feel.

The HealthPointe2.0 Health and Wellness program can teach you in clear and easy-to-live-with terms, the how and why of effective health and weight management.
Don’t let yourself or your loved ones become a statistic

The Program

People are searching for solid answers, not gimmicks, to lose weight and keep it off. Healthpointe 2.0 employs proven weight loss concepts in a simple and easy to use program.

By following Healthpointe 2.0 you’ll gain knowledge and develop valuable skills to help you focus and commit to new and healthier habits and behaviours.

Working with a Coach or Advisor in the field of wellness, Healthpointe provides access to research, articles, seminars, and a variety of educational tools to allow you to be totally informed. You can make the best decision for yourself and your family when you are educated.

During the HealthPointe 2.0 program you will :

* Enjoy satisfying, nutritious meal plans consisting of real, not packaged, foods.
*Discover how your body uses food and burns fat.
*Learn how to curb your appetite, control cravings and develop new habits to make lasting lifestyle changes for health and wellness.
*Hear from experts proven strategies for optimal health and wellness success.

Some Great Features of Healthpointe that people love:

1. It uses real (not repackaged or special) foods whilst improving your health and maintaining effective weight loss.The objective is not just to lose the weight but to keep it off by increasing metabolism and stabilising blood sugar levels.
2. It is safe, consistent and long term. This is not about starving but about feeding the body with the right foods at regular intervals.
3. It is not a diet, it is an education in a lifestyle of wellbeing.
4. It provides support with a Healthpointe coach or advisor who will go through the entire process with you for the first 45 days.

Take the first step towards personal happiness, confidence and freedom. Request to hear from a dedicated weight management coach in your area within the next 48 hours.

We sell results not memberships!

For a free no obligation consultation, feel free to call Shirlyn at +6(012) 288026 or contact us at now for more details.

Also read a Welcome note from Dr. Ted Buetow, Healthpointe Program Advisor.


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